TYL is a Christian organisation that nurtures and executes creative ideas that help foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Lord.

“ We your people, the sheep of your pasture, will thank you forever and ever
Psalms 79.13

We’re a bunch of people who love the Lord and want to glorify His name in every way we can. We wish to seed smart, innovative and creative ideas to further the Kingdom purposes.

TYL aims to leverage latest technologies to elucidate and proclaim the power of having a personal relationship with the Lord, and thereby to sow a desire to know the Lord, especially in the younger generation.

We know, and we want the whole world to know, that Jesus is the most amazing friend you can ever have. Thank You Lord!


To help build a generation that aspires to know Jesus better, grow closer to him, and take pride in him.


To innovate, think out-of-the-box, leverage technology and use every available resource to educate, inspire and impress upon societies around the world, the joy, power and fulfillment in maintaining a connection and a personal relationship with the Lord.